Lori Hendrickson, LMBT
Everyone deserves to feel better

About The Practitioner

Lori Hendrickson, LMBT #13144

I attended the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC in 2012 and completed 660 hours of training.

I am certified in Integrative Reflexology® and Nurturing the Mother Pre & Peri Natal Massage®.

I specialize in deep tissue/myofascial massage and really enjoy seeing the difference in my clients from when they walk in the door and when they walk out taller, with more ease, and a brighter smile on their face.

I also really enjoy doing trigger point massage and encouraging my clients to release tension built up from stress, anxiety, pain, or whatever is ailing them.

It is my goal to help you relax and understand your body better by the end of the session through conscious release of the tension patterns you hold in your muscles by creating space.

I was drawn to massage therapy from a young age. When I was 13, I had a spinal fusion to correct severe scoliosis. I did not like taking the pain medications for my back pain, so I sought out alternative therapies such as massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and yoga. Massage therapy was the best for me because it helped my body reset, without causing stress on my spine.

A little bit about me: I love yoga, meditation, going to concerts, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my friends and family.